About Us

About Us

Xenium Finance is a division of Xenium Group Pty Ltd

Xenium Finance is the combination of 31 years of business and commercial experience and a merger of two businesses.

Pearl Business and Mortgage Finance

Pearl BMF was started in 2004 and provides a range of commercial, residential and asset finance solutions to its clients.  Pearl Group has arranged over $1.8BN of finance both domestically and internationally.  Pearl works with a range of referral partners including Accountants and Financial Planners and operates it’s own ‘outsourced’ commercial broking operation.

The Mardent Group

Originally operating as a finance broking business, TMG began providing web-based marketing to accountants including a financial services web-site and monthly content delivered to the firms clients using the practice branding.  TMG has been delivering this service to accounting firms for the past 3 years of its 13 year history, proving the concept of client engagement without intervention by the accountant. 

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