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We understand that there is a lot of information out there, and not much real advice. We’ve helped thousands of people buy their home, investment property, business, commercial property or vehicle.

Our team has years of experience in every facet of finance and our people are engaged by industry bodies and large broking groups to train other brokers.  If we are helping them, we can help you.

We’ll guide you to the loan that’s right for you, not the bank.

Our Process

Book A Call

We’ll listen to what you want to achieve and where you are now. We’ll give you some advice on what we think can be done and then ask you for some information.

Step One

Get A Recommendation

We’ll give you some choices and explain each one. We’ll lodge your loan and ensure the financier has everything they need

Step Two

Your Loan is Approved

We’ll make sure you understand the approval and what happens next.

Step Three

Our Promise

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We will update you regularly by phone, email or text, it’s up to you.  In fact you can track your own loan progress via our Client Portal.

The portal contains all your details, the loan structure and allows you to communicate directly with us at any time.

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As brokers, our job is help you, our client.  It’s what keeps us in business. 

In fact there is also a law that ensures we always do the right thing by you.

It’s called Best Interest Duty and it applies to brokers, but not banks.

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Our team have been brokers for 20 years, it’s our business, we aren’t owned by anyone else. 

We want to help you, your friends and your families get the loans they want over the long term.

Client Testimonials

Our biggest challenge was definitely being able to source a competitive lending institution that would consider our circumstances as a new business owner of fewer than 2 years. At the time we felt marginalised by the policies and it was very frustrating as we had substantial cash to contribute to a new home loan along with an excellent lending history, equity and financial security.   
The Xenium Team was able to locate a lending institution that would accept less than the 2-year minimum financial reporting requirements for a new business, and provide us with a small window of opportunity that we may not have realised ourselves.  In our circumstances, it was instrumental to have Todd as the direct point of contact with the application team. The advantage of having someone with insight and experience around the fundamental process definitely got our mortgage application over the line. 
When meeting critical timelines threatened the loss of our purchase contract; Todd and Sam continued to escalate our application and kept the pressure on until it was done. 

Donna and Jason Hilliard
Sunshine Coast, QLD

I have worked with Todd and the team at Xenium for some time in relation to obtaining finance for my business clients.  Todd, Sam, Nick and the team have delivered on every occasion but this does not come about by chance but rather from well-prepared and presented applications where they actually put in a huge amount of work upfront.  

They also know how to foresee and navigate any obstacles that may arise.   This gives each and every client the best chance at a successful outcome.  As a highly skilled and experienced group of people, they are in my opinion, the best at what they do.  I certainly have not found another finance business like them in my 25 years in business.  My only regret is not having crossed paths earlier.  Therefore, it is without any reservation that I would recommend Xenium to anyone looking to obtain business or corporate finance.

Brendon Falk

MBA, MFinPlan
Managing Director
Foresight Business Sales Australia Pty Ltd

At first, I was unsure of what would be required from me to obtain a loan and this caused a great deal of anxiety.  I began searching for answers by doing searches using google and visiting different banking institutions. I really felt that the criteria to get a loan varied, and that the information in relation to fixed terms/rates was confusing.   

I would like to share that it was the first call I received from Jason that led to me utilising your service as he was very friendly, and customer focused. I had a positive interaction and felt that I was going to be engaging with a great company. I was then connected with Nikita who became my mortgage broker, and her service can only be described as absolutely of the highest standard I have ever encountered.

I was so impressed by her help, support, and knowledge that I raved about the service to many people in my family and at work. She would return calls, messages and emails promptly, always striving to answer and clarify my questions or concerns. She took the time to understand what I was looking for, needed, and made strong recommendations. She always followed up on her tasks, and with what she said she would do. She genuinely cared, and you could really sense the authenticity in her mannerisms. Nikita understood that refinancing/obtaining a loan is a stressful process, and sometimes they occur following separations or unfortunate circumstances. She was compassionate and empathetic and never came across like a salesperson.   

My interaction with Nikita as my mortgage broker was outstanding, I would refer them to Xenium based on her service.   

Employees like Nikita should be recognised for their work and customer focused approach, these roles are autonomous and require people who are hardworking, and diligent, whilst ensuring excellent customer service.  My friends have encountered horror stories in relation to getting their loans and the less than great experiences with other brokers – I was so fortunate to have Nikita.

Melbourne, Victoria 

Don’t Say Yes, Before You Understand Everything

The wrong loan type or structure can end up costing you thousands of dollars in overpaid interest, fees to exit or tie up assets that were never needed to be used.

Our team has years of experience in every facet of finance and we can advise you on the hidden fees, the loan conditions that appear ‘’standard’’ and the ongoing requirements you need to provide the bank. 

Here Is What You Get:

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