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Non-Recourse Fee Funding For Professional Service Firms

Many professional services firms charge fees to clients and then have to spend months collecting these amounts.   In some cases the fees were unknown until the work was completed and this may have taken longer or have been more detailed than first thought. Accounting and Legal work are good examples of fees that can escalate …

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Financing Legal Services Firms

Legal Firms take many forms and the financing of each is different according to the strategy of the firm.  In the main, financiers separate them into three categories: Commercial Firms Mixed Services (Commercial / Liquidation/Personal Injury) Liquidation / Personal Injury Each of these businesses have different streams of revenue and as such, they represent different …

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Financing Financial Planning Firms

Financial Planning firms have multiple sources of income including their annual recurring revenue from the fees charged to clients.   This is different to any upfront fees they may charge for particular statements of advice relating to investment options or the set-up of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. As a result of the recurring revenue within the business, …

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Financing Accounting Practices

Accounting practices are one of the many professional services firm that can be financed based on the business goodwill.   Accountants operate businesses providing a range of services including taxation returns and compliance work, business advisory and taxation planning.   They also provide book-keeping services and keep their clients updated with the latest in regulations from the …

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Working Capital

Trade Finance, Debtor Finance, Supply Chain Finance   Trade Finance Trade Finance is utilised both domestically and internationally.   Businesses typically use trade finance to purchase stock from suppliers and then repay this facility when they have sold their stock.  For example, a retailer may purchase its goods from China or Europe.   The goods are manufactured …

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Business Finance

There are many types of business loans available, however, the majority of them can be sorted into two categories Unsecured Loans Secured Loans Unsecured Loans A simple way to tell which one you are choosing is to ask yourself:   Is my loan being secured by either residential, commercial property or some type of asset.?   If …

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